Xariel Design Creates Mirrored Glass Architectural Installations that Improve Mental Health and are in Harmony with Nature

December 31, 2022

Xariel and her company have created solutions for humans to connect with the elements, providing sensory experiences on all five senses while designing structures that do not impede natural wildlife.
Los Angeles, CA, USA – Xariel Design, an innovative venture based in Los Angeles, CA, has come out with unique mesmerizing Glass Architectural Installations. These installations are designed to have a positive impact on humans as well as blend harmoniously with nature.

“We strongly believe that our buildings should not present a threat to nature. Instead, it is vital that they accommodate animals and plants,” says Xariel, founder of Xariel Design. “Whenever we construct or build something new, we must accommodate wildlife that could otherwise be displaced. The benefit of this is that it will create more balanced ecosystems.”
Various studies indicate that every year, in the United States, there are up to 1 billion bird collisions on buildings that are often fatal to birds. Those factors include, but are not limited to, light pollution and reflective building materials. Birds misinterpret the reflections of clouds and trees as open areas and mistake them for safe landing spots. Xariel Design has found a solution that has been effective in preventing birds from colliding into mirrored and glass buildings. The company installs an ultraviolet reflective film on glass that is invisible to humans but visible to birds, many animals, and insects.

“The ultraviolet coating, invisible to the human eye, is seen as a fluorescent purple to birds,” remarks Xariel. “UV striped patterns on glass are often cited as desirable solutions to collisions, as these patterns are visible to birds but not to humans.”
Fascinatingly, Xariel creates structures that appear to humans as mirrored on the outside, but are crystal clear from the inside. Seeing nature from a window view can quickly transport us to the healing energy of nature.
Xariel’s fascination with living in harmony with nature and the benefits of working with the earth’s natural energy is seen in her biophilic designs.
“Biophilic design is designing and creating spaces that are inspirational, restorative, healthy, as well as integrative with the functionality of the place and the ecosystem to which it is applied,” explains Xariel. “This balance with our outdoor environment also has great impacts on humans as well.”

Studies show that mental fatigue is reduced when watching fascinating views through a window because it provides calm and soothing vibes. Various reasons suggest that windows can allow brief sensory interactions with nature that promote a sense of well-being; also known as micro-restorative outcomes. Seeing into the distance from a window is fascinating in the physical setting and as a cognitive metaphor. It is hardly surprising that the homes of the more affluent often have big windows and views of highly preferred settings.
Another benefit of the entirely clear structures is a balance of our circadian rhythm with the sun. Our natural circadian rhythms respond to sunlight, which determines when we sleep and when we wake up, and everything in between. Because of this inner clock, it influences everything we do including our daily behavior, mental, and physical well-being. When our circadian rhythms are out of sync, we can experience many health problems (e.g. insomnia, diabetes, etc,). Therefore, circadian rhythm research concludes that sunlight is vital for our lives and bodies. As a result, there is a tremendous value and a need for more glass structures in our modern lives.

About Xariel Design
Xariel Design is an innovative company that creates high-quality mirrored glass architectural installations. The company is based out of Los Angeles, CA.
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