Water ’22 Celebrates Success of Year-Long Campaign and Calls for More Action in 2023

December 19, 2022

DENVER, Dec. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Water Education Colorado (WEco) celebrated the success of its year-long campaign, Water ’22, a statewide initiative that implored Coloradans to take an active role in securing the state’s water future and helped educate community members in a variety of ways about the importance of this vital resource. With campaign messages like “It all starts here” and “It connects us,” Water ‘22 called on all Coloradans to recognize the value of water and to become engaged water stewards. “Over the course of the past 12 months we worked tirelessly to encourage conservation and protection of Colorado water. We shared stories, highlighted leaders and reached all corners of the state, building awareness of water’s importance and highlighting ways that it is at risk from drought and climate change,” said Jayla Poppleton, Executive Director for Water Education Colorado. “We know that because of our campaign, more Coloradans are inspired to get involved in the increasingly drought-prone future we face – first by learning about where our water comes from and then by doing their part to promote and implement water conservation solutions.” Water ’22 was built on the idea that simple actions can make a big impact on our state’s most valuable natural resource if we all work together. Water ‘22 encouraged Coloradans to take a pledge to commit to engaging in “22 Ways to Care for Colorado Water in 2022,” simple actions that help conserve and protect water for future generations, resulting in savings of more than 22 gallons of water a day per person, or 8 billion gallons per year for the state. Some examples of these actions included taking a shorter shower, operating dish and clothes washers only when they are full, fixing leaks and drips in faucets and toilets, and practicing smart outdoor watering on landscapes, such as avoiding watering during the heat of the day or when rain is in the forecast. In addition to the pledge, the campaign was filled with opportunities for Coloradans to get involved. Campaign highlights included monthly PSAs featuring the likes of: Olympic Skier, Jeremy Bloom; Colorado Governor, Jared Polis; Flobots’ Stephen Brackett; Colorado’s 2022 Teacher of the Year, Autumn Rivera, and Ute Mountain Ute Chairman, Manuel Heart. Water ’22 also led a statewide book club and author talk series, hosted volunteer days and film screenings, amplified the Colorado Water Plan update, and created both the Student Water Awareness Week, held in April 2022, and the Water ‘22 Student Showcase, which concluded in October. More than 100 sponsors and other partnering entities helped to get the word out through newsletters, social media, and events where Water ’22 banners and flyers were distributed. “A truly inspiring portion of Water ’22 was the participation from students, which gives us such hope for the future. We’re blown away by the response we received from this special cohort. A recurring theme throughout the year was how responsible and optimistic Colorado kids are when it comes to conserving and protecting our water. We are excited to see how they continue to make a difference in our state’s water future,” added Poppleton. Every element of the campaign was designed to build awareness and motivate participation by giving Coloradans the tools to learn more and make a difference through their own actions. These tools can and should be utilized long after the year ends. And the challenges Colorado and its neighboring states across the West face when it comes to water aren’t going away. Throughout the month of December, Water ’22 has been celebrating the students who took such an active role in the campaign. In fact, the final Water ’22 PSA features Student Showcase first place winners, Teddy and Oskar Leopold of Niwot Elementary. Their Lego model exemplifies the importance of everyone sharing the same watershed — highlighting how imperative it is that we all work together to ensure our water is well managed and protected for future generations. It’s a meaningful symbol to close out the campaign. Water connects us all, from the mountains to the plains. Our state’s water future depends on the actions we take right now. Water ’22 encourages all Coloradans to continue to do their part into 2023 and beyond. To learn more, visit About Water Education Colorado Established in 2002, Colorado’s most significant drought year on record, Water Education Colorado (WEco) is the leading organization for informing and engaging Coloradans on key water issues to help them make smart decisions for a sustainable water future. WEco was established with funding from the state legislature in order to inform Coloradans about water as a limited and critical resource and to advance informed decision making with no policy agenda. A 501c3 nonprofit with a trusted reputation for providing policy-neutral news and informational resources, engaging learning experiences, and empowering leadership programs, WEco led development of the Statewide Water Education Action Plan for Colorado, 2021-2025, and is the lead organizer of Water ‘22. MEDIA CONTACTS:Tricia Bennett, 303-931-0013Jordan Callahan, 303-406-8839Fitzgerald Petersen for Water Education Colorado

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