TN Nursery shares Gardening trends for 2023: Red Blooming Perennials

January 2, 2023

TN Nursery predicts that red-blooming perennials will be trending in 2023

TN Nursery, the largest mail-order plant nursery in the US, is celebrating the close of 2022 and the change of season by releasing gardening trends for 2023. Based on the trends seen in 2022, it is easy to map out which plants will be trending in the upcoming year.
According to TN Nursery, which is based in Tennessee, the nursery capital of the world, red-blooming perennials will be trending in 2023. The leading plant nursery shares that with the growing popularity of sustainable come-again plants, perennials have become a go-to for many people for their home gardens. Since their seeds are durable, perennials offer a unique charm and come back year after year. Most people looking to create beautiful gardens go for perennials.
Red blooming perennials
Red is a revered color, considered the color of vitality and love; red flowers and plants bring out an edge to a garden. Red blooming perennials in a garden are an inviting bird-watching haven. Since the appeal of perennial plants and flowers is undeniable, over the past year, there has been a shift with favor leaning towards red-blooming perennials.
According to TN Nursery, these plants command attention and are attractive to the eye, making them a preferred option for many gardeners. As plant trends continue to shift to cater for current gardening needs, TN Nursery recommends perennial plants and flowers as they are easier to manage and thrive all year. 
Another major reason red-blooming perennials are the trend for 2023 is the need for drought-tolerant plants. Climate change has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and in choosing plants for 2023, people need to consider the plant’s ability to survive harsh conditions. Perennials have proved to hold their own in various conditions, hence their ‘Come-again’ name.
More and more, people are also conscious of biodiversity as they choose plants. Perennials are sustainable, improve soil composition and reproduce through reseeding. “They provide texture, form, and a variety of colours that can be counted on year after year.”
Garden size has also been a major consideration for many people; since there isn’t a lot of room to grow varieties, people opt for red-blooming perennials. Even in a small garden, red blooming perennials stand out for their elegance and long life span.

Popular red-blooming perennials
TN Nursery shares that Amaryllis, Azalea, Asiatic lily, cardinal flower, bleeding heart, Red valerian, tulips and salvia are some of the most popular red blooming perennials. These flowers only require to be planted once, and they return for several seasons, growing brighter each time.
TN Nursery perennials
TN Nursery offers a wide range of perennials for sale. TN Nursery takes pride in its premium plants that are delivered fresh and in the shortest time possible. According to the plant nursery, perennials offer greater value on investment than annuals which demand a lot of maintenance.
On TN Nursery’s website, people can browse different types of perennials, from sun perennials to shade and deer-resistant perennials.
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To ensure premium quality plant service, TN Nursery’s Perennials for sale are available in various packages. People can buy perennials at affordable prices in an array of tailored packages like;
– Flowering perennial package– Perennials and fern package– Wildflower package– Water garden package
To learn more about perennials, gardening trends and plant care, visit TN Nursery.
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