This Health & Executive Coach Is Rapidly Accelerating Change In Her Clients through Neuroscience-based Strategies That Rewire The Brain For Sustained Success

December 31, 2022

Lauren Clayton, M.S. Psychology, was providing psychological assessments and therapy to ex-cons as a forensic clinician when she noticed a pressing need for more effective psychological tools and strategies to help her clients adapt to their new work environments and mitigate maladaptive behaviors.

Lauren thought the recidivism rate with the ex-cons could significantly drop if there were psychological tools and strategies that were easier to implement and produced better results at a much quicker rate than the traditional methods that were slow to implement and often minimally effective.
In 2010 she began to solve this problem by establishing her own coaching practice where she integrates many psychology and neuroscience-based disciplines, techniques and strategies to optimize the mental and physical health of her clients and thereby quickly meet their goals.
Lauren says,”Sustainable and permanent change can only come from creating new neural pathways in your brain. If this isn’t done, the change will be temporary and you’ll end up where you started or worse. We see this often when people try to lose weight without doing the necessary inner-work or ‘rewiring’ of the brain as I like to call it”.
Lauren has two facets to her coaching practice: Integrative Health and Executive Leadership & Performance coaching. In both facets she uses her proprietary coaching methods to create impactful and lasting change in her clients.
These methods have helped many high-level executives overcome imposter syndrome, resolve malignant relationship patterns and discontinue other maladaptive behavior and communication styles that were stifling their full potential and success. She also specializes in working with “difficult personalities” and individuals who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder in which her unique coaching has been highly effective. Resolving these issues results in dramatically improved communication between C-suite level employees, better company culture, higher employee morale and an overall revenue increase.
Her methods are used within her Integrative Health coaching to show her clients how to reprogram their mind to build new associations with food and permanently establish healthier habits for sustained health and weight loss. She teaches her clients that genuine and lasting optimal health will never come from a diet or fitness class, it’s a holistic process that must begin with understanding your psychology. Once she helps you truly understand how you think, she then shows you how to “uninstall” what is hindering you and reprogram or “rewire” your brain for the success you desire.
Lauren explains, “In order to achieve and sustain a goal in any area of your life whether it’s your health, wealth, relationships or career, you must reprogram your psychology. Your will power alone will not create lasting change. However, when you rewire your brain you become the best version of yourself. That is my passion. I love helping people fully transform into the person they always wanted be, do the things they always wanted to do and have whatever is they’ve been wanting.”
When you meet Lauren you can clearly see her passion for helping people transform and live life from their full potential. She is sharp, direct, insightful and precise while working with her clients, while also being very caring and having a great sense of humor.
To learn more about Lauren and her neuroscience-based approach to optimizing your health, psychology and overall performance, visit her website here:
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