The Evolution of Show & Tell in Startup Beauty Brand, Beauty and the City’s Push to Take Its Results-Driven Beauty and Creativity Beyond the Limits of Being Just Another Indie Brand

December 20, 2022

New York, NY, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beauty and the City (BNTC) has had challenges creating unique videos for the hero product Beauty and the City Serum C aka The Wrinkle Slayer. The brand aims to address these challenges in 2023 with before and afters in all creative type videos, even in its second sketch comedy series shooting in the new year. Founder, Tanille is looking at more long-form media formats. Instead of makeup tutorials and dating stories, which did show the use of the BNTC Serum C in the night routine, the brand is focused on content following women getting ready with Beauty and the City on real dates as an example of the switch in gears.  Inspired by what big consumer conglomerates like Procter & Gamble are doing for their brands, BNTC is looking to put together a variety show of sketches and makeovers with makeup artists and release that on other platforms outside of social media. The big consumer brands do have streaming deals so that guarantees reach. BNTC as a small brand is seeking a distribution place for creative content that engages women where the brand can show and tell about Beauty and the City’s result-driven skincare and beauty as well as entertain.  Next year Beauty and the City is launching a BNTC Skin Cycling Serum Kit. This is in line with the skin cycling trend that enhances the results people get from daily serum use. Paired with clean vegan formulas that solve skin issues like redness, hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots, dullness, and dryness, the BNTC Skin Cycling Kit is set to be a stand-out performance-driven skincare kit.   “The creative content we produced this year like our dance videos, fitness spoofs, beauty hacks, and makeup tutorials and dating stories may not be enough to showcase our new BNTC Skin Cycling Serum Kit. We want to shine in a crowded beauty marketplace with engaging content not just to go viral but to touch people with authentic vulnerable stories of how our products are improving women's skin and makeup routines, and how our brand is energizing conversations between women,” says Tanille.   2023 will challenge the brand to do more with its products and its customer base. Beauty and the City wants to be your beauty brand. So do many other brands. Is reaching women with authentic and engaging media part of that?   Beauty and the City is not into only winning with ads. The brand wants organic reach through events and small retail partnerships. The journey continues as the start-up navigates the growing pains of shifting from eCommerce to retail and finding the right retail partners and building a network of small local partnerships that can be appreciated, cherished, and nourished. Those are words that don’t come along in business often. But Beauty and the City wants to be that brand that has caring relationships with local partners. Having the patience to navigate through the macroeconomic challenges resulting in changes in buying habits is the stuff resilient indie beauty brands like Beauty and the City are made of. BNTC is getting a head start on 2023 by creating programs to help emerging makeup artists and new boutique upstarts grow alongside Beauty and the City. The planned use of events, digital media, and digital billboards to showcase what these brands have to offer and the collaborative type of partnerships BNTC offers could foster customer growth and inspiration.    All of this comes on the heels of the quiet Beauty and the City Sketch Comedy Series release which signals more to come from the fun beauty brand aimed at Millennials and Gen Z. Though a growing number of Baby Boomers have become attached to the wrinkle-slaying BNTC Serum C and the glow enhancing BNTC Bronzer Tint, so that group can’t be counted out. “I created this series as a taste of what I'm writing and bringing forward in 2023 to engage real women not just likes and follows across varying age groups. I want our brand to touch people in fun, humorous, energizing ways,” founder, Tanille says.  The brand is gearing up for a big Go Local brand promotion in NYC through June 2023. “We have to own our city. After all, it’s the city that inspired our brand name,” Tanille confesses.   Beauty and the City is like the little engine that could, tugging away at content and real engagement locally. As a result, big things are beginning to happen with their results-driven skincare formulas.  

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