San Antonio TX Dentist is Transforming Smiles - Michele Bishop of Ingram Hills Dental Interviewed by Qamar Zaman, Host of The Subject Matter Experts

December 17, 2022

San Antonio, TX , Dec. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In 2013, Dr. Michele Bishop bought Ingram Hills Dental from its original owners and has since grown it into one of San Antonio’s leading and highly-trusted oral care providers. Its primary mission is to transform people’s lives by transforming their smiles. In a recent interview hosted by Qamar Zaman on the Subject Matter Experts podcast, Dr. Bishop said that one of the most crucial factors that has helped grow her dental practice is better communication with patients. Listen to The Podcast here: Amazon | Google | iTunes | Spotify | Buzzsprout | Podcast Index “We strive for great communication by getting to know our patients and building long-term relationships with them,” shared Bishop when Zaman asked her how she grows and manages her practice. “In Dentistry, you need to have trust in the person that's doing that.” Dr. Bishop further shared that what sets Ingram Hills Dental from other oral care providers is that they are keen on innovation, especially when equipping its practice with the latest dental technology. “We are a high-tech office. We do dental radiography, which enables X-rays to pop up on the computer screen immediately,” Dr. Bishop said. According to Dr. Bishop, dental radiography produces less radiation, thus making it safer for patients, and it also helps them create a faster assessment. Ingram Hills Dental also uses intra-oral scanners and diode lasers to serve its patients better. About Ingram Hills Dental Texas Girl, Dr. Michele Bishop San Antonio TX Smile Transformation Expert Ingram Hills Dental offers comfortable, gentle, honest, and flexible dentistry in San Antonio, Texas. It provides integrity-driven care and happy vibes and is devoted to helping patients love their smiles. Its services include Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning), Fluoride Treatment, Dental Emergencies, Oral Cancer Screening, TMD Treatment, Tooth Colored Fillings. Follow Dr. Bishop on her LinkedIn & IG W: About The Subject Matter Experts Podcast At the subject matter experts podcast, their mission is to champion, amplify, and support the genius of their subject matter experts, who, through their hard work, innovation, and exceptionalism merit, have the spotlight shined on their unique ideas of improving the human condition. Say hello to Qamar Zaman here and if you have a great story contact media relations team by contact: 972.437.8942 Listen to The Podcast here: Amazon | Google | iTunes | Spotify | Buzzsprout | Podcast Index Media Contact: 972.437.8942

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