San Antonio TX Dentist Dr. Carlen Blume of Blume Pediatric Dentistry Interviewed by Qamar Zaman

December 20, 2022

San Antonio, TX, Dec. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  In 2010, Dr. Carlen Blume established her pediatric dentistry practice and has become one of the go-to full-service pediatric care providers trusted by kids and their parents in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio, TX Dentist Dr. Carlen Blume, a subject matter expert on pediatric dentistry, shared with Qamar Zaman how she successfully built her practice and her secret to dealing with kids. Listen to the podcast on your favorite listening platform: According to Dr. Blume, one of the challenges in pediatric dentistry is dealing with kids afraid of getting their teeth examined by the dentist. Her background in Psychology, the full support of her staff, and the special company of Raney, Blume Pediatric Dentistry’s Allied Therapy Dog, have contributed to the success of her practice. Raney is one of the most liked employees at Blume Pediatric Dentistry. That’s right…she’s an employee. Raney is an official Allied Therapy Dog. If your child suffers from anxiety when visiting the dentist, Raney may be able to help. She has a very calm and friendly bedside manner and can’t wait to meet (and have you scratch behind her ears…she loves that ). Dr. Blume with her Allied Therapy Dog, Raney. When asked what makes Blume Pediatric Dentistry unique from other practices, Dr. Blume said it has to do with the fact that they do full-service pediatric service. It means they are responsible for a kid’s oral care from birth until they turn 18 years old. Dr. Blume further added that Blume Pediatric Dentistry also deals with a huge population of kids with special needs, such as those with cleft and autism. About Blume Pediatric Dentistry Blume Pediatric Dentistry is a full-service pediatric dentistry practice based in San Antonio, Texas. It specializes in dentistry for infants, children, and teens. It is hailed as one of San Antonio’s leading pediatric dentistry practices because of its excellent oral care. Get to know Dr. Blume. About The Subject Matter Experts Podcast At the subject matter experts podcast, their mission is to champion, amplify, and support the genius of their subject matter experts, who, through their hard work, innovation, and exceptionalism merit, have the spotlight shined on their unique ideas of improving the human condition. The subject matter experts podcast is hosted by Qamar Zaman. Media Contact Ana Khan T: 972-437-8942

Subject Matter Experts Podcast Hosted by Qamar Zaman

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