Prospectus updates

December 30, 2022

                                                                                                          Lysaker, 30 December 2022 The Prospectuses have been subject to the following updates: - Amended with a new paragraph related to remuneration from others than the mutual fund, on page 3. - Amended with sustainability information according to SFDR level 2 (Annex II) The Prospectus update is effective as of 1 January 2023, and the documents are enclosed herein, but can also be downloaded at For queries, you may contact Storebrand's Danish branch on RegardsStorebrand Asset Management AS Contacts: Kim Toftegaard Andreassen, Director, Frode Aasen, Product Manager, Fund name and share classSymbolISINStorebrand Indeks – Alle Markeder A5STIIAMNO0010841588Storebrand Indeks – Nye Markeder A5STIINMNO0010841570Storebrand Global ESG Plus A5STIGEPNO0010841604Storebrand Global Solutions A5STIGSNO0010841612Storebrand Global Multifactor A5STIGMNO0010841596 Storebrand is Norway's largest private asset manager with an AuM of around DKK 800 billions, and also a leading Nordic provider of sustainable pensions and savings. The company has been a global pioneer in ESG investing for over 25 years, offering broad and scalable solutions for both institutional and private investors in the Nordic region and other European countries. Storebrand delivers sustainable investment solutions and client value through a multi-boutique platform, with the brands Storebrand Funds, SKAGEN Funds and Delphi Funds, in addition to SPP Funds in Sweden.

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