Nonfinite Announces Its Launch, Offering a Transparent, Trader-Centric Approach to Crypto-currency Industry

December 19, 2022

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nonfinite, a Web3 Crypto Exchange, today announces its roll out to the masses. The project aims to transform the public's trust in crypto industry with its transparency and by giving investors access to a faster hybrid exchange. Anyone paying attention to the news has likely heard of the recent collapse of FTX, previously one of the most powerful and fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world. The giant's collapse has been seen as a result of greed, mismanagement, and a lack of industry oversight. FTX's rapid fall from glory crashed the entire market and further fueled consumer distrust in crypto currency industry. Nonfinite recently launched its Web3 exchange to restore trust and bolster consumer profits with its transparent approach to crypto currency ecosystem. Unlike other crypto projects that engage in shady practices like registering their operations centers with offshore addresses, Nonfinite has an onshore physical operation center with a registered address in Bangkok, Thailand. The exchange even also allows visitors to make appointments on its site to visit their operations center, furthering its commitment to transparency and trust. The exchange also adheres to global regulatory requirements for the countries it operates in. Nonfinite crypto exchange currently holds licenses in Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Canada, and the Czech Republic, and licenses are currently in progress for Japan and the United Kingdom.  "Nonfinite's vision is to bring trust back to crypto currency industry and boost trader confidence," said CEO of Nonfinite crypto exchange "With this in mind, we've built a proper crypto exchange driven by transparency, so users actually make money from crypto trading rather than continually being scammed." Nonfinite's exchange is built on sophisticated technology using analytical instruments, automated tools, and an advanced level of robust trading insights driven by reliable sources of news content insights. One such technology is the exchange's fraction tool, known as Smart Coverage Protection, which protects traders from losses and boasts an impressive 98% all-time profit rate. This blend of technology and access to industry experience helps investors better predict market behavior and make trading decisions based on reliable information, not rumors or speculation, to execute the right trading decisions. Nonfinite also allows traders to monitor the entire market of BTC movements, such as all operational exchanges' last reserve values, exchange net flow, transfer volume, and the total number of transactions. This information is critical to traders and whales, helping them to make more informed decisions. To learn more about Nonfinite, visit Social Links Instagram: Media Contact Brand: Nonfinite Email: Website: SOURCE: Nonfinite

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