New Website My-Job.Work Helps Companies Across The World Overcome Skilled Labor Shortages

December 29, 2022

The site is helping recruitment managers keep up with the changing dynamics of the labor force.
When companies are already struggling due to rising inflation, a new challenge of shortage of skilled workers is starting to take across the world, especially in developed countries such as Germany. This is where the new site is my job, and work is trying to make a difference. The job exchange helps applicants from all over the world find attractive jobs by matching qualified personnel and attractive vacancies.
The site has helped countless clients reduce the time and costs required to recruit qualified professionals. The portal allows companies to advertise in various cities and regional languages to get better reach. Moreover, they publish them on platforms such as Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, and twenty other channels.
Speaking about the website, a representative said, “A lot of companies are facing issues finding qualified workers. This is especoially true in the developed world where the problem is compounded by young people such as the millennials and gen z, who aren’t as serious about their careers and want more freedom and flexibility. We recognized these changing dynamics and tried to solve this problem with our platform.”
It is pertinent to note that the developed world has seen falling birth rates since last few decades which pose. This is where the role of the job exchange, such as my is proving to be crucial.
The site helps solve employee problems and actively raises awareness about the shortage of skilled workers with its blogs. Through this, it believes small companies will be able to grow sustainably without running into major hiccups.
A company that had been using their services said. “Hiring computer engineers was always a hassle for us. Even when we offer above-market compensation, qualified applicants with the right skills are hard to come by. The aging population is making matters worse. So we decided to look at other countries in the middles ease and Africa. However, we didn’t have the knowledge or budget to do recruitment effectively from there. This is why a service is a big help.”
Since its launch, companies across the globe have used its easy-to-use interface to launch successful recruitment campaigns. Businesses interested in learning more can reach out to them using the information identified below.
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