Native American Flute: Jonny Lipford is Inspiring a Generation of Artists

January 3, 2023

Jonny Lipford became renowned for mastering the Native American Flute as a young adult. Over two decades of playing the musical instrument, he is committed to inspiring a generation of flutists through his online and in-person music instructional and coaching programs.

Music as an age-long form of entertainment has undergone various changes not only in terms of newly-developed genres but also in the different instruments used to create expressive sounds. However, instruments like the native American flute have continued to be a source of unique sound to music professionals and inspiration to rising musicians. 
Jonny Lipford is one musician renowned for his mastery of the Native American flute and has gained popularity among mainstream music lovers. He has maintained a status as one of the most celebrated recording and performing musicians of Native flutes and now gives music students some of the best flute instruction worldwide.
Besides being a musical instrument, the Native American flute performs other purposes like healing and propagating a story of love among people. Various scientific studies have shown that this flute, possesses the capacity to produce a state of meditation and relaxation in the listener. 
This explains its use in the recommended music for various types of meditation, especially transcendental meditation. This flute is also popularly referred to as the “Courting Flute” or “Love Flute” among some Native traditions as young men would use it to serenade women whose attention they are trying to catch.
Award-winning flutist and musician, Jonny Lipford, is proof of the healing ability of the Native American flute. Jonny was given little chance of surviving childhood because he was born with various drug-resistant infections. Jonny’s story took a positive turn when he became interested in the Native American flute as a 13-year-old. He taught himself to play the instruments and started creating tunes and beautiful sounds. This was a surprise considering that he had already failed several attempts at learning to play the piano and was labeled as not having musical talent. 
Jonny Lipford is now teaching many students how to play the Native American flute, having witnessed first-hand its healing capacity. Playing the Native flute in his home’s comfort and safety helped Jonny experience calmness and peace of mind. He overcame social anxiety during adolescence by keying into the healing and musical power of the instrument and started sharing his music with others. 

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Jonny Lipford has proven himself an astute recording and performing artist. Nowadays, he is also a highly sought-after instructor because of his ability to encourage students while breaking down complex concepts for them for easy understanding. He established an online learning platform, Horizons Flute School, which instructs all levels of students on how to play the Native American flute. This effort is aimed at developing their skills and expanding their creativity.
Jonny Lipford offers his students the things he never had as an adolescent flute player–a clear path, unmatched support, and lots of great resources and motivation. Unlike what he was told while learning to play the piano, Jonny believes everyone can be musical, and the first step is finding the right instrument. The Native American flute is among the easiest woodwinds to play, and its soothing and de-stressing abilities make it the perfect tool for those wishing to unleash their creativity.
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The Native American flute is a unique musical instrument as it can unleash the power of love and healing by anyone who desires to play it. The renownedly talented Jonny Lipford is one such person whose mastery of the instrument has helped others see what it is capable of. This man is not stopping at that; he is helping people to tune into their inner creativity by teaching them how to play the Native American flute.
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