International Group of Power Women Challenge Entrepreneur’s Need for Instant Gratification

December 30, 2022

Oakland, CA, Dec. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A United States and Canada based group of entrepreneurs, White Paper + Blue Ink, are putting a ban on instant gratification throughout the internet and our lives. The group believes that instant gratification continuously creates blocks, which is the exact reason that new entrepreneurs struggle towards their dreams. Co-founder, Viviana Aiello states, “Instant gratification creates a lack of creativity that blocks the flow of life and business. This is apparent with constant text and email communication, ads, notifications, social media content and online entertainment bombarding us daily. Technology is training us to have the attention span of a goldfish.” White Paper + Blue Ink’s messages and online course reminds business owners to stop listening to others’ suggestions and stories, and stop listening to society imposed boundaries. Their programs focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind and ways to continue to live life in the face of fear. Manifestation Director Geraldine Convento states, “The human brain relates to blue ink on white paper as important. As text is written in blue the brain subconsciously relates to the content as trustworthy, it’s color psychology.” So what does this have to do with delayed gratification? Grotto Network says that delayed gratification, “...Improves our ability to practice self-control, and therefore, increases our chances of success with long-term goals.” White Paper + Blue Ink’s Instagram post states, “To create the life that you want you need to have boundaries in your life. You can’t follow your heart’s desires, be your authentic self and want instant gratification all at the same time. There is a false idea of “I need to do this in order to be happy. No you don’t.” Their online course, “Your Business In Flow” encourages entrepreneurs to align with their inner strength to shift their mindset, have the courage to change their environment, stop chasing money and eliminate feelings of never having enough. Visionary Director Gisel Martin says, “You need to stop looking for answers outside of yourself because the answers are already within you.” Click the link to learn more about White Paper + Blue Ink’s course “Your Business In Flow” Online Course. —--- About White Paper + Blue InkWhite Paper + Blue Ink creates courses and content that help people get out their way and into the flow. They’ve created a community of spiritually led entrepreneurs and offer tools to train the conscious mind and reprogram the subconscious mind.

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