How Bhargav Bantaya is revolutionizing gaming content creation

December 31, 2022

Bhargav Bantaya has attracted extremely large audiences, pushing him atop the rank of the most sought-after gaming content creators and influencers in 2022. With his versatility and passion, coupled with a very enthusiastic attitude, he is on track to revolutionize industry standards in the gaming content creation arena.

Now that video games are leading the revolution in the cultural sector, gaming content creators and influencers have taken the internet by storm. Bhargav Bantaya, a gaming icon from Canada, continues to make waves by setting a new standard in the industry.
Bhargav says the immersive content, diversity, and modern culture offers excellent opportunities for brands to hold the attention of an enthusiastic and strong audience. 
For Bhargav, this culture has molded him to become the best he could be and nurtured his skills in gaming.
While some individuals spend their lives looking for their purpose or calling, some others, like Bhargav, find it very early on.

An engineer by profession, he has found his calling in the world of social media via his gaming talent. For him, gaming content, regarded as one of the most consumed online content categories, provided many people the opportunity and drove them to carve out a professional career in this area. 
“Today, gaming content creators are in huge competition with each one to establish the most entertaining gaming videos out there. Luckily, many things continue to inspire me to push further in this field,” Bhargav shares.

Bhargav said it is rare to get “second chances” in the industry, so individuals looking to make a name should always do their best to thrive and stay afloat in the competition. 
“The world of content creation, particularly that of gaming, is cutthroat. The competition is big, and people have to produce high-quality content regularly. Otherwise, they lose the momentum and the followers in an instant, and they rarely get second chances in this arena,” explains Bhargav.
When asked about his advice to those who want to carve out a space in the field, he says: “When they feel like their A-game seems like a story of the past, that is exactly the time that they have to go back to where they started and revisit their whys. This is the sole thing that can help them return even stronger in the gaming arena. At the end of the day, they have to consistently tell themselves that they are their only competition.”
On his YouTube channel, among the most-liked videos are “Pubg Mobile Sync ft. Hindustani bhau,” “Funny Chicken Dinner,” “Solo Vs. Squad Intense Gameplay,” “Back to Back Chicken Dinner,” and “Epic Crossbow & Shotgun Kills in Pubg Mobile.” 
With a “never say never” attitude and a “further and farther” perspective, Bhargav is on track to making great strides in the future.
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