Henleaze Plumbing Announces that there are now 153 Offerings of Free Plumbing Services to Help the Struggling Households

January 2, 2023

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Henleaze plumbing would like to announce that there are now 153 offerings of free plumbing to help the lower income and struggling households who are unable to currently pay for plumbing services during this very busy and difficult winter.
Since this year has been a very difficult year household incomes have been struggling to keep up with the rising costs of every aspects of living from fuel to food and from heating to eating therefore it is very appropriate for local businesses to assist those customers who are struggling most to keep up with these expensive costs.
The business have said that over the last 3 months there has been a massive increase in customers who have been unable to pay that plumbing bills or simply do not call a plumber because they cannot afford the money which means that they are left without water and heating and given that this is one of the the richest nations in the world it is a real travesty of Justice that so many people are struggling.
Many examples of customers are struggling with an 83 year old woman who was unable to buy a new tab and call a plumber so she was left without a kitchen tap and because this was the only tap in her house that worked.
Fearing that a plumber would cost too much money she was too scared to call a plumber and stayed without water for 6 weeks before one of our plumber’s was informed by one of her neighbours and upon hearing this very sad state of affairs he was able to visit and provide a free tap and a free visit completely so the old woman now it has water and is unable to wash her hands and drink water again.
The business has asked local charities and neighbours to keep an eye out on elderly neighbours or vulnerable people do not have no money and need to call a plumber so that they can be contacted and offered the free service to make sure that they are low on funds.

Local charities have hailed the service as a godsend and said that’s more businesses in the local area need to provide free services because clearly the government is unable to help many low-income people so it would be very useful if the private sector was able to step in and help where there is massive need.

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