Helping Executives Flourish In Business And Living with Andrew Rooke

January 2, 2023

A former fintech executive shares how business owners and senior executives can overcome stress and self-doubt, navigating complexity with grace and ease

For many executives and business owners, the desire to lead and succeed in their business is deeply personal and what they deem most important in life. And in the course of this striving, it’s all too common for high-performers to experience stress, self-doubt and an emotional rollercoaster, juggling and often compromising their own personal growth, family, and leisure time and the pursuit of meaningful activities.
Is it possible for executives to thrive in today’s complex and fast-paced business environment without the stress and frustration?
Andrew Rooke is making it possible through The Executive Mind Mastery Method, a program designed specifically for company executives and business owners, to lift personal performance to their highest potential, and to experience genuine flourishing in both their business and personal lives. Developed by a former executive of a $100m global fintech firm, Andrew knows firsthand how challenging it can be to juggle life in the busy corporate world after experiencing his own burn-out as a company leader, impacting his health, relationships and finances. His own path to recovery, and working with hundreds of talented CEO’s led him to the development of the Executive Mind Mastery Method, and through this program many leaders in the business community have experienced the accelerated development and transformation to help successfully grow and navigate their business & life challenges.
It is common knowledge that the mind creates a person’s reality in every aspect. It’s the driver of thoughts, decisions, emotions, and physical state. And these thoughts and decisions create people’s behaviors, actions, cultures, and relationships. There can be no more important investment than developing the mind. This is precisely why Andrew decided to create a cutting-edge holistic mindset development program for executives and business owners. The Executive Mind Mastery Method is based on the latest science from the western fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, combinedwith the best of the eastern philosophical and contemplative traditions. Unlike other coaching & mindset programs, this approach is grounded in a world-class objective, science backed measurement of an individuals’ self-awareness, intentionality, thinking patterns, habits, biases, blind-spots, and specific programming – which is used to pinpoint the exact drivers of higher performance in an executives’ mindset.
Flourishing in both business and life is ultimately about one’s intentions and problem-solving capability. And that’s the goal of this method: to grow and develop the richness and complexity of the mind, so that leaders have confidence and clarity in their decision-making and problem-solving across all domains of life.
Those who have undergone The Mind Mastery Method have nothing but praise about the program, citing the following benefits: deep clarity, balanced thinking and emotions, greater adaptability and resilience, increased self-awareness, and a much stronger sense of self-trust and confidence.
Recognizing the needs of busy executives, the program is designed to deliver results in just 90 days and comes with a satisfaction guarantee, for peace of mind.
This is a new and unique method that develops the human mind to flourish and perform at the highest potential. Visit to learn more.
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