Global Zeolites Market Products and Applications Report 2022-2027 with Profiles of 55 Major Companies and An Industry Guide with Contact Details for 138 Companies

December 16, 2022

Dublin, Dec. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Zeolites Market - Products and Applications" report has been added to's offering. The report reviews, analyzes and projects the global Zeolites market for the period 2018-2027 in terms of value in US$; and the compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) projected from 2022 through 2027. Detergents and Building & Construction constitute the principal applications for Zeolites, the global demand for which is estimated at US$3.1 billion each in 2022 while the worldwide market for Zeolites in Building & Construction applications is likely to log the fastest growth during 2022-2027 and becomes the largest application for Zeolites by 2027. Zeolites are most widely used in the production of detergents, with other major applications for the materials being building & construction, water and wastewater treatment and oil refining & petrochemicals. Of the two types of zeolites, the demand for the natural variety is marginally larger, though the market for synthetic zeolites is likely to grow at a faster rate. These materials are widely used as builders in detergents as fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts in the petroleum industry and as adsorbents/desiccants in the construction, natural gas and environmental sectors. Zeolites industry is adversely impacted by Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine war and other negative global developments over the short term period, prospects for the longer term augur well, considering the important role played by these products across a spectrum of application areas and industries. Research Findings & Coverage This global market research report on Zeolites analyzes the market with respect to product types/sub-types and applicationsZeolites market size is estimated/projected in this report by product type/sub-type and by application across all major countriesCopper-Exchanged Zeolites Enable Efficient Direct Conversion of Methane into MethanolZeolites Being Used Widely in Removing Heavy Metals from Industrial WastewaterLayered Zeolites Gaining Wider AttentionZeolites Come to the Fore in Air Pollution RemediationKey business trends focusing on product innovations/developments, M&As, JVs, and other recent industry developmentsMajor companies profiled - 55The industry guide includes the contact details for 138 companies Key Topics Covered: PART A: GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE 1. INTRODUCTION1.1 Product Outline1.1.1 An Overview of Zeolites1.1.1.1 Structure of Zeolites1. Pore Structure1.1.1.2 Properties of Zeolites1. Ion Exchange1. Catalysis1. Adsorption1.1.1.3 Natural Zeolites1. Clinoptilolite1. Synthesis of Clinoptilolite1. Other Natural Zeolites1. Chabazite1. Stilbite1. Analcime1. Laumontite1.1.1.4 Synthetic Zeolites1. A Brief History1. Overview1. Synthesis of Zeolites1. Zeolite A (LTA) Zeolites X, Y and USY1. Zeolite ZSM-5 (MFI) 2. APPLICATIONS OF ZEOLITES2.1 Agriculture2.1.1 Fertilizer and Soil Amendment2.1.2 Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides2.1.3 Traps for Heavy Metals2.2 Animal Feed2.3 Building & Construction2.4 Detergents2.4.1 Chemistry and Structure of Zeolites for Detergents2.4.2 Detergents Builders: Functions and History2.4.3 Laundering Process and Zeolites2.4.4 Zeolites in Detergent Manufacture2.5 Oil Refining & Petrochemicals2.5.1 Oil Refining Catalyst2.5.2 Light Olefin Separation2.6 Water & Wastewater Treatment2.6.1 Industrial Wastewater2.6.2 Municipal Wastewater2.6.3 Drinking Water2.7 Other Applications2.7.1 Gas Purification and Separation2.7.2 Medicine 3. KEY MARKET TRENDS3.1 Layered Zeolites Gaining Wider Attention3.2 Zeolite-Supported Metal Catalysts Used as an Advanced Technology in Propane Dehydrogenation3.3 Copper-Exchanged Zeolites Enable Efficient Direct Conversion of Methane into Methanol3.4 Zeolites Being Used as Adsorbents for Controlling Body Odor3.5 Zeolites Being Used Widely in Removing Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater3.6 Green Synthesis of Microporous and Hierarchical Zeolites Gaining Momentum3.7 Novel Methods Developed for Synthesis of Zeolites3.8 Zeolites Show their Versatility in Sustainable Chemistry3.9 Zeolites Come to the Fore in Air Pollution Remediation3.10 Purified Water Achieved with Innovative Zeolites 4. KEY GLOBAL PLAYERS Albemarle Corporation (United States)ANTEN Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)Arkema SA (France)Axens SA (France)BASF SE (Germany)Bear River Zeolite Co. (United States)Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd. (New Zealand)Calgon Carbon Corporation (United States)Chalco Shandong Advanced Material Co Ltd (China)Chemiewerk Bad Kostritz GmbH (CWK) (Germany)Clariant AG (Switzerland)DP "Transcarpathian Zeolite Plant" (Ukraine)Eurecat SA (France)Gordes Zeolite (Turkey)Honeywell UOP (United States)International Zeolite Corp. (Canada)IQE Group (Spain)JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd. (JGC C&C) (Japan)Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom)KMI Zeolite Inc. (United States)KNT Group (Russia)Milliporesigma (United States)National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco) (India)Ningbo Jiahe New Materials Technology Co Ltd (China)PQ Corporation (United States)PT. D&W Internasional (Indonesia)Rota Madencilik As - Rota Mining Corp. (Turkey)Sachem Inc. (United States)Showa Denko K.K. (Japan)Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (Sript) (China)Sorbead India (India)St. Cloud Mining Company (United States)Teague Mineral Products (United States)Tosoh Corporation (Japan)W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (United States)Zeocel Portugal Lda. (Portugal)Zeochem AG (Switzerland)Zeotech Corporation (United States)Zhengzhou Fulong New Materials Technology Co. Ltd. (China) 5. KEY BUSINESS & PRODUCT TRENDS Albemarle Recognized by American Chemistry Council with Eight Responsible Care AwardsReduce Pet Smells Over Summer MonthsClariant wins major contracts to supply petrochemical catalysts for China's Lihuayi GroupInternational Zeolite Signs Groundbreaking Agricultural Nutrient Technology Transfer AgreementAlbemarle Announces Global Price Increase for Catalyst ProductsW. R. Grace & Co. - ART's ICR 450 Technology Wins Hydrocarbon Processing Award for Best Catalyst TechnologyInternational Zeolite Partners with Academia to Validate Disruptive Commercial Agricultural ProductsW. R. Grace & Co. - Standard Industries Completes Acquisition of GraceNew Way To Manage Nitrogen For Better Crops - Blue Pacific MineralsW. R. Grace & Co. - Grace Announces 2021 FCC Catalysts Pricing ActionsW. R. Grace & Co. - Bapco Awards the Largest Catalyst Management Agreement in its History to ART for its Resid Hydrocracking CatalystIQE obtains the SiOLITE Trademark Registration Certificate in EuBASF introduces AltriumT Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst to increase transportation fuel yieldsAdvanced Molecular Sieve for Cryogenic Air Separation Achieves 20% Higher Capacity 6. GLOBAL MARKET OVERVIEW6.1 Global Zeolites Market Overview by Product Type6.2 Global Zeolites Market Overview by Application PART B: REGIONAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE REGIONAL MARKET OVERVIEW 7. NORTH AMERICA Major Market Players Albemarle Corporation (United States)Bear River Zeolite Co. (United States)Calgon Carbon Corporation (United States)Graver Technologies, LLC (United States)Hengye Inc. (United States)Honeywell UOP (United States)Ida-Ore Zeolite (United States)International Zeolite Corp. (Canada)Interra Global (United States)KMI Zeolite Inc. (United States)Milliporesigma (United States)PQ Corporation (United States)Sachem Inc. (United States)St. Cloud Mining Company (United States)Teague Mineral Products (United States)W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (United States)Zeolyst International (United States)Zeomex (Mexico)Zeotech Corporation (United States) 8. EUROPE Major Market Players Arkema SA (France)Axens SA (France)BASF SE (Germany)Chemiewerk Bad Kostritz GmbH (CWK) (Germany)Clariant AG (Switzerland)DP "Transcarpathian Zeolite Plant" (Ukraine)Eurecat SA (France)G. Apostolico & C. Tanagro Snc (Italy)Gordes Zeolite (Turkey)IQE Group (Spain)Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom)KNT Group (Russia)Lenntech BV (The Netherlands)Rota Madencilik AS - Rota Mining Corp. (Turkey)Silkem, D.O.O. (Slovenia)Zeocel Portugal Lda. (Portugal)Zeocem, A.S. (Slovak Republic)Zeochem AG (Switzerland) 9. ASIA-PACIFIC Major Market Players Anten Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd. (New Zealand)CHALCO Shandong Advanced Material Co., Ltd (China)Gujarat Credo Mineral Industries Ltd (India)Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (India)JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd. (JGC C&C) (Japan)Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd (China)Manek Group (India)National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco) (India)Ningbo Jiahe New Materials Technology Co., Ltd (China)PT. D&W Internasional (Indonesia)Showa Denko K.K. (Japan)Union Showa K. K. (USKK) (Japan)Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (SRIPT) (China)Sorbead India (India)Tosoh Corporation (Japan)Zeolites and Allied Products Pvt. Ltd. (India)Zhengzhou Fulong New Materials Technology Co. Ltd. (China) 10. SOUTH AMERICA 11. MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA PART C: GUIDE TO THE INDUSTRY1. North America2. Europe3. Asia-Pacific4. Rest of World PART D: ANNEXURE For more information about this report visit

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