FSN won a total of 28 awards at major award events in 2022

January 3, 2023

The company proved its capabilities as the largest digital marketing group in Korea.
– The business capability was proven in all fields including the digital advertising, operation of diverse social media channels and development of platform etc.
– Providing services that lead trends by creating sympathetic type contents targeting MZ generation and the P2E service that converged the games and commerce for the very first time in the convenience store industry.

FSN (214270), a KOSDAQ-listed company, stated that its group won a total of 28 awards at major award events in 2022.
As the largest digital marketing group in Korea, FSN has been providing all types of digital advertising services by leveraging the synergies between its subsidiaries. According to the Korea Federation of Advertising Associations, the total amount of advertisements that had been handled by FSN was KRW 448.9 billion in 2022. It was the largest amount of advertisements and FSN was ranked in number 1 as an independent advertising agency. Even if the range is broadened to include all the domestic advertising companies, FSN is still ranked in the Top 6.
FSN has been proving its excellency in digital marketing services by winning awards at top advertising events. At the Social i-Award that was held in July, AdQUA INTERACTIVE, Group IDD, and Mother Brain won awards in 9 different fields. And, at the Republic of Korea Digital Advertising Awards that was held recently, 3 companies swept awards from 8 different fields. AdQUA INTERACTIVE was appraised for creating high quality marketing contents that showed strength of products to target MZ generation. Group IDD and Mother Brain were recognized for creating contents that can lead the trends and users can sympathize. Next Media Group (NMG), a full media agency providing one-stop service including media planning, buying, and operation, received the recognition for its competitiveness by winning an award at the 2022 YouTube Works Awards.
FSN stands out in its establishment by winning multiple awards in the platform area (including web and app development and operation) as well. Addition to winning awards in advertisement award events, Group IDD also showed its high competitiveness by capturing total 4 awards including a Grand Prize in the IT solution field at the Web Awards Korea. E-motion won 2 awards at the Web Awards Korea including Grand Prize in a service innovation field. The company also established its position as one of the top platform companies by winning 3 awards at the Smart App Awards.
Followed by 2021, FSN continued to show its high competitiveness in all the areas in digital marketing service including online advertisement, operation of various social media channels and platforms by winning multiple awards. Especially, FSN introduced the sympathizing-type contents with high persuasiveness to the MZ generation, which had emerged as one of core consumer bracket. The company received the evaluation that it had provided a service that leads the trends by launching a P2E service that converged the games and commerce for the very first time in the convenience store industry.
“FSN, the largest digital marketing group in Korea with the corporations that possess the top expertise in each field, has been leading the digital marketing industry for a long time by leveraging synergies between its group companies. In 2022, FSN accomplished a great result with these synergies in capturing awards at the various award events and FSN will continue to move forward and develop further by utilizing innovative creatives and ability to lead the trend.” says Mr. Jeong-kyo Seo, the CEO of FSN.
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