Entrepreneur Launches Micro Influencer Monetization Toolkit that Helps Content Creators, Influencers Get Paid

January 2, 2023

As years go by, the influencer marketing industry continues to bloom, with big-time influencers and content creators earning millions of dollars. Along with them are micro-influencers who struggle to get paid and monetize their passion. To help today’s micro influencers earn money, former management consultant turned Etsy entrepreneur launches her very own Micro-Influencer Monetization Toolkit – a comprehensive toolkit for content creators.
“The Influencer Marketing Hub estimates the total creator economy market size to be around $104 billion and growing. The big influencers know how to succeed in this space, but they’re not sharing their secrets. There’s no reason small influencers can’t get paid to do the work they love, and now with this toolkit they can,” said Franky Henricks, creator of the Micro-Influencer Monetization Toolkit.
Before creating the toolkit, Franky made over 8,000 sales and accumulated hundreds of 5-star reviews in her Etsy shop that she opened in 2018. Realizing her love for making templates and content, she brought the two together to come up with the most comprehensive toolkit for content creators and influencers.
The process of making the toolkit was a long and tedious one. “We’ve done extensive research and we haven’t seen a toolkit as comprehensive as this one anywhere. We’ve partnered with a social media manager who’s grown influencers’ accounts to over 3 million and worked with countless brands, so she knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed,” Franky said.
The toolkit offers a 300+ brand database of brands who already spend money on influencer marketing, brand deal negotiation guide, brand and agency outreach scripts, shareable portfolio template, brand pitch and deal tracker (Excel), as well as a rate calculator and media kit templates.
With the toolkit, influencers, content creators, and even freelancers can use expertly formulated templates, checklists, scripts, and workflows that strive to help generate consistent revenue. This allows micro-influencers to support the lifestyle they want without spending a lot of time generating leads and chasing dead-end inquiries or scams.
Once clients receive the toolkit, they’ll be able to immediately use the product’s portfolio, rate sheet, and media kits in Canva so they can present their content in a simple format. They’ll also nail their brand pitches using an automated tool, increasing their response rates. The database allows them to save time compiling contact information of brand contacts and numbers as well as provide them with a wealth of collaboration and ambassador program opportunities. Lastly, they’ll learn how to charge, assess contracts, and organize their list of deliverables.
Franky ensures her clients that she is a real person with the true intention of helping them monetize their passions. Interested individuals may check out her Etsy shop at To know more about the Micro influencer Monetization Toolkit, visit
About the Micro influencer Monetization Toolkit
The Micro influencer Monetization Toolkit is the ultimate guide to helping content creators and influencers monetize their passion. Created by Etsy shop owner and template maven Franky, the toolkit offers 300+ brand databases, a brand deal negotiation guide, brand and agency outreach scripts, a shareable portfolio template, a brand pitch and deal tracker (Excel), as well as a rate calculator and media kit templates that today’s micro-influencers should maximize to help them earn.
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