Dr. Shenell Tolson is Bridging the Gap Between the Community and STEM

December 29, 2022

Dr. Tolson uses her expertise to educate the community about critical science and health topics.

In today’s society where many believe anything they see on social media, the importance of scientific communication cannot be understated. It’s more important than ever for scientists and medical professionals to have effective communication skills when addressing the public about their work. As a scientist, educator, and public health professional, Dr. Shenell Tolson is at the forefront of bridging the divide between STEM, public health, and the general community. She educates them about critical health and science topics, providing vital information that would otherwise go unheard or ignored.
“I believe health is the pursuit of the highest quality of life, and I use STEM to help get us there,” says Dr. Tolson.
In recent years, the public has become increasingly disconnected from the scientific community due to widespread disinformation in social media. This has created significant barriers to disease prevention and a widely misguided view about certain health issues. The public’s dwindling scientific knowledge continues to expose the masses to what could have been preventable diseases, hampering immunity and advancements in the field. The pandemic is a glaring example.
Dr. Tolson helps dispel health misinformation through her podcasts, online publications, and public engagements. By combining her scientific training with her passion for health advocacy, she sheds light on the causes of certain diseases and addresses issues of health disparities worldwide. She empowers the community to make better decisions, improve health infrastructures, and enhance health outcomes.
Through her company, Kindred Consulting, Dr. Tolson helps non-profit, government, and other healthcare organizations bring STEM and public health education to a global audience and make a difference.
Besides being an accomplished scientist and public health advocate, Dr. Tolson is also an author. In 2014, she released her debut book, Noa, the Little Scientist. It was written to promote STEM and inspire children to embrace their love for science. She has just released a set of companion books for Noa The little Scientist which includes a coloring book and a variety of activity books for multiple grade levels.
She is also looking to publish a Gardening eBook demonstrating how communities can grow their own food even in small or urban spaces. Dr. Tolson is an excellent example of how disciplines come together to positively impact the community.
Dr. Tolson conducts seminars, workshops, public speaking, and consultations. She is also open to collaborating with other scientists, public health experts, and organizations dedicated to improving community health outcomes.
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