Discover Why This Man Is The Most Sought-After Real Estate Agent In Houston

December 30, 2022

As a Peruvian Mechanical Engineer, Alberto Ortecho worked for many years overseas for different oil services companies in the Middle East.

After the impacts of COVID-19, He decided to take a leap of faith and move to the United States in 2020. With his savings from working in the oil industry, he invested in learning about real estate and began investing in properties across Texas.
Alberto started with a single office space in Dallas, which soon became five properties across Houston after his family moved there. He then professionally delved into real estate as an Agent and obtained his license.
This allowed Alberto to help potential buyers see the features and highlights of each property at its full potential. He learned firsthand how these investments are built and developed, gaining an invaluable knowledge base that has pushed him to assist others on their search for the perfect home.
Throughout his year-long experience as a licensed agent, he’s had the privilege of meeting numerous individuals looking for their dream homes and guiding them through the process of doing so with ease.
Whether it’s helping them decipher relevant information or simply providing moral support during this often stressful process, it is truly gratifying being able to provide people with an all-inclusive service that simplifies each step along their journey.
His passion lies in getting others excited about owning property while educating them on sound investments that will bring returns over time.
Real estate investment is more than just buying or selling; it’s also about bringing ideas to fruition – something that has been very close to his heart since starting out in this field.
It can be difficult at times juggling multiple projects between clients and ensuring everyone’s interests are taken into consideration; however, seeing each one come together perfectly is well worth every ounce of effort! One thing’s certain: no two home sales are ever alike – making every single one unique in its own special way!
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