Dipal Shah, the Body Whisperer, Featured on the January Cover of Best Holistic Life

December 31, 2022

Best Holistic Life Magazine announced that its January cover would feature internationally acclaimed mindset expert, health strategist, public speaker, spiritual mentor, and yogi Dipal Shah, who shares information about clearing and aligning chakras.

The Body Whisperer, Dipal Shah, is an expert in the field of energy medicine and the creator of the Quantum Body Awakening Technique. She offers global courses that teach individuals to master their Prana and bring healing to themselves and others.
“My mission is to empower people to heal and live a deeply meaningful life,” Dipal Shah said. “Allow me to help you create what you want in life in every direction that you are seeking.”
In the January issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine, Shah speaks about physical and spiritual healing. Stepping in where western medicine has failed, Shah has helped thousands of people in more than 92 countries worldwide break free from chronic health problems. Her methods identify the root cause of the symptoms, and she helps people increase their life force energy flow to create profound, powerful shifts in their bodies and lives.
Quantum Body Awakening
Shah said she believes the energy field carries a broad spectrum of information about one’s life purpose, abundance, relationship, prosperity, and more. As she works with clients to improve their health, she also works to clear and examine other aspects of their lives that prevent them from achieving their goals and manifesting what they want. Shah believes that making oneself vulnerable and examining the underlying emotions can lead to growth and healing.
“Release all inner child traumas, past life traumas, ancestral ties, vows, oaths, and all levels of Karmic ties,” Shah said. “You don’t have to suffer anymore.”
Shah also offers a place for like-minded individuals to gather and share their journeys in the Quantum Body Awakening Healing Community. The group shares resources and support to stay consistent on their spiritual and physical healing paths.

Reflecting on life to move forward
Dipal Shah teaches that habits can get people stuck and prevent forward progress in their lives. Recognizing and changing habits leads to increased consciousness and forward movement in life.
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“It is not fun feeling stuck, especially when you try so hard to take a few steps forward, and then life throws you a curveball,” Shah said. 
Spreading healing energy
Dipal Shah’s YouTube channel is a place of healing. She uses the platform to offer information about quantum self-healing processes, meditations, healings and readings, and techniques to boost one’s unique conscious living. Her vast knowledge of eastern and western medicine helps Shah bring harmony, happiness, and joy to mind and body.

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