Daoist pilgrimage leads to alleviating financial analyst’s anxiety

December 29, 2022

Oakland, CA, Dec. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Non-profit wellness ministry, Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center announces “Sunrise Flow”, a Chinese Qigong class that improves mental focus and supports work life balance. Classes are taught by former corporate financial analyst Eileen Housteau. “As a financial analyst, I was exhausted and depleted.” Says Eileen, “I first discovered Qigong by chance when I saw an ad for a “Chinese Yoga” class at a local gym. Within three months of training, my neck and hand numbness vanished, my sleep quality noticeably improved and I was able to avoid surgery.” According to clinical trials, “The practice of Qigong produces positive results on health, mainly in the medium and long term for conditions including burnout, stress, social isolation, chronic low back pain, fatigue, and depression.” Wudang mountain is a famous Taoist pilgrimage point in China and is renowned world over for martial arts and natural medicine. The qigong movements Eileen teaches come directly from this temple lineage. “After experiencing my transformation, I decided to take a trip to Wudang, China for a Daoist pilgrimage tour. I went because I was seeking the root of health and wellness teachings. On that trip, I became a lineage-inheriting disciple, and vowed to bring the tradition forward to future generations. After quarantines, I missed group practice, so I spoke with David Wei about teaching Qigong classes.” Says Eileen Housteau. Executive Director, David Wei of Wudang West shares how it all started, “When I lived in the temple, we practiced qigong everyday. I returned home to the east bay and maintained the practice every morning out on lake Merritt. I trained alone for months until a group slowly started to gather with me. We trained all along the lake until we eventually settled in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Light in 2013, where we gathered 6 days a week until the lock downs. Once the dust settled, Eileen took the initiative to start it all up again.” “Sunrise Flow” Qigong Sessions are held at 7:30am every Monday through Saturday in the main courtyard of the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland. Groups gather rain or shine and train for at least one hour. For more information visit ---- Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center is a San Francisco Bay Area based non-profit wellness ministry. Since 2012, they have taught Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation and have provided services such as acupuncture, tui na massage, and cupping for stress relief, pain management, and general well being.

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