Correction: INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I raised another USD 1.28 million from investors

December 19, 2022

The total capital raised by the fund is corrected. The INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I, which invests in the infrastructure fund of a world-class asset manager with a long track record, raised USD 1.28 million from 6 investors. The fund is managed by INVL, the leading investment management and life insurance group in the Baltic region. “Infrastructure is more resilient to fluctuations in value and is a long-term alternative asset class. Those who invest in this infrastructure fund not only diversify their investment risk and reduce the impact of inflation, but also benefit from the chance to invest in a global fund with the majority of its assets in the US and the UK,” says Vytautas Plunksnis, Head of Private Equity at the INVL group. Following the new offering of investment units, which ended on 16 December, the INVL Partner Global Infrastructure Fund I has raised a total of USD 40.67 million. To date, 103 investors have put money in the fund, which invests in infrastructure in member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The fund’s units are distributed on a periodic basis by the INVL Family Office. The minimum investment in the fund is USD 145,000 and its lifetime is 50 years, though opportunities for investors to realise their investments earlier are envisaged. Global infrastructure is an attractive asset class with the trait of inflation protection. A portfolio which is diversified both geographically and for deal size, predictable income flows, a stable regulatory environment, an investment-grade credit rating and leadership in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) area all make it possible to target a significant return for investors. The strategy of investing in infrastructure assets is based on very long-term investment and high-quality core infrastructure in OECD member states. A large part of the portfolio consists of assets such as toll roads, pipelines, airports and seaports, product terminals, and data centres. Contact person for further information:Vytautas Plunksnis, Head of Private Equity at INVL group,E-mail:

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