Benekiva’s Partnership with MRS Adds Underwriting Automation to the Claims Disbursement Process, Creating New Distribution and Asset Retention Opportunities for Carriers

December 22, 2022

DES MOINES, Iowa, Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Benekiva and Management Research Services Inc. (MRS) have partnered to bring together Benekiva’s SaaS claims and servicing platform and MRS’ comprehensive underwriting rules engine. This collaboration enables carriers to offer new insurance and financial services products to claimants during the claim disbursement process through a technologically enabled new business automation. This partnership brings two powerful insurance technology solutions together to facilitate a new prospecting and retention opportunity for carriers. Capitalizing on claimants is low hanging fruit for carriers. Benekiva’s configurable rules-based, reflexive technology now will facilitate the exceptional experience after the claim is paid, making claims a revenue driver.” Benekiva has embedded MRS’ comprehensive underwriting rules engine into the platform to enable new insurance and financial products to be offered to beneficiaries during the claim disbursement process. The platform now delivers the intel to turn claimants into cross-business prospects. Together, these two leading insurtech companies offer a highly secure, automated, complex application process initiated when a claim is paid out. Beneficiaries will have a simple underwriting experience and claims associates will not have to manage any manual data extraction and data entry. According to Tim Dineen, Chief Executive Officer at Management Research Services, Inc., “We are really excited about this partnership with Benekiva. The combination of MRS’s no-code, reflexive rules engine with Benekiva’s claims process will provide a powerful tool for carriers to retain assets. Our robust API layer combined with our extensive network of 3rd party data providers enables us to automate the underwriting process for all life, health, and annuity products. Together, our platforms will enable a frictionless, straight through process for consumers and carriers. We look forward to its success.” “MRS’ high-end technology complements Benekiva from an asset retention and new business perspective. MRS’ rules engine is extremely efficient in collecting all information needed to make a point-of-sale decision. The capabilities and flexibility of our own platform coupled with MRS’ enhances what both solutions have to offer. Their underwriting capabilities are exceptional, and we look forward to providing an optimized solution to carriers” said Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder and COO of Benekiva. About BenekivaBenekiva's SaaS platform facilitates anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility for EVERYONE involved in the claims and servicing process and is the only technology solution that delivers straight-through, claims and policy servicing transformations and everything in between. Contact:Maura Gilson O'Donnell, Director of

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