Baselaughs, the King of Comedy in MENA Region Returns Stronger than Ever

December 31, 2022

Basel Gazioglu popularly known as Baselaughs is a viral Dubai influencer and comedian. After his main account was unrightfully banned, he returned stronger than ever and is now gracing YouTube with peak comedy skits, shorts, and clips.

Thousands of online entertainment connoisseurs and fans have dubbed Baselaughs the “King of Comedy in MENA Region” for a good reason – his video scripting and editing skills are peerless while his talent for creating and executing skits are otherworldly. His content has resonated with thousands of people across the globe.
Basel recently lost his TikTok account along with 4.8 million followers and over 2,500 videos that he scripted, edited, and filmed, but that did not knock the crown from his head. This Dubai comedian was disappointed but remained undeterred in his quest to bring quality comedy to people that want it, stating:
“This is a speedbump, but nothing slows Baselaughs down. If you’re still down to be entertained and given some value with my comedy, you can now subscribe to my exclusive YouTube channel,” said Baselaughs.
Not many content creators dare to limit themselves to a single social media platform since this space is extremely competitive, but Baselaughs trusts his fans are genuinely interested in his comedy content and are in for the long haul.
The reason why the King of Comedy in the Middle East and North Africa regions will remain on his throne is simple. Aside from the fact that he pours heart and soul into each clip he creates, Basel also has a very healthy sense of humor and treats each fan with respect and love.
Even though his base of followers is now fragmented and only a portion of his original videos are salvaged, Basel continues to create and upload fresh content daily. His motivation to give his loyal fans the quality comedy content they deserve is even stronger, and he openly invites all of his TikTok fans to migrate to his exclusive YouTube channel.
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