Athletes Are Turning To This Man To Skyrocket Their Recovery Speed

December 30, 2022

Tibs Parise is a professional athlete whose story began when he arrived in the United States of America with only $500 to his name. In California, after a few years of establishing himself as an athlete, Tibs was hit with an unfortunate injury that prevented him from continuing on his path. The problem arose when Tibs couldn’t find the product he was accustomed to, the French Healing Clay.

After countless visits to pharmacies in search of a healthy product to help him heal, he realized that all he could find were products providing relief rather than aiding his recovery. This led Tibs down a path of research and determination to create the best French Healing Clay possible and turn it into his own brand, Clayer.
Acknowledging the need for such a product amongst athletes, Tibs made sure to provide them with samples of his creation so they could experience its healing benefits firsthand. After receiving multiple positive feedback, Clayer was officially founded in 2016 and has been dedicated ever since to creating environmentally friendly products that are healthy and safe for people as well as our planet and future generations.

Aspiring to promote holistic health through natural remedies, Clayer has grown exponentially throughout the years. This success can be attributed not only to their natural recipes but also their commitment and passion towards creating high-quality products that are free of chemicals, fragrances and fillers; this is done by sourcing premium ingredients from a specific location in France, where it all began for Tibs Parise.
Moreover, Clayer believes strongly in leaving a positive impact by helping people, the Planet and the future generation by providing scientifically proven ingredients that are healthy and eco-friendly. Sourcing ingredients and selecting the most ethical suppliers is important to him. Matter of fact, his clay supplier has been awarded one of the greenest companies in France and by the end of 2023, Clayer will have all its packaging made plastic free. All this goes hand-in-hand with their core value which is “moving forward” – meaning doing business ethically while inspiring people towards greater future possibilities both for themselves and our Planet!
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