Armored Fresh Technologies Attracts $1 Million in Seed Investments from Forward Deployed VC

January 3, 2023

Armored Fresh Technologies (AFT) is a US-based alternative protein development company working on sustainable, long-lasting food cultures. The company announced that it successfully attracted $1 million in seed investments after establishing its US corporation.

Currently, more than enough food is produced to feed all humans, yet global hunger was estimated at 11% in 2016. According to information sourced from The World Bank, the number of people who may experience acute food insecurity in 2022 may climb to roughly 222 million in the years to follow.
To combat food insecurity and provide a sustainable long-term solution to this problem, Armored Fresh Technologies was founded. This US-based alternative protein development company is committed to addressing the dwindling food resources by developing materials and technology capable of contending with the imminent environmental changes.
The first step Armored Fresh Technologies took toward its mission was the development of a casein substitute. Leveraging advanced technologies and the vast experience of its team, AFT succeeded in creating a revolutionary product.
Despite being a fresh company in the US industry, Armored Fresh Technologies has garnered the attention of numerous high-profile companies and organizations. Not long after its official launch, Armored Fresh Technologies was able to secure seed investments to accelerate its development, research, and production. 
One of the most notable seed investors of Armored Fresh Technologies is Forward Deployed VC. This firm attained global renown after elevating numerous IPO companies, with the most prominent being Palantir and Lyft. 
As imparted by AFT’s spokesperson, Armored Fresh Technologies has received $1 million in seed investments from Forward Deployed VC and aims to use these resources to expand its operations and accelerate ongoing projects. 
AFT made strides in the sustainable food industry by creating a patented method of creating animal-free milk proteins. This groundbreaking feat enables Armored Fresh Technologies to create milk products sourced from water and oxygen. 
The company’s spokesperson stated that “this newfound technology enables AFT to produce a broad spectrum of dairy products without any animal involvement.”
While contemporary companies in the sustainable food industry heavily rely on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), AFT is among the pioneering firms that developed and are actively deploying completely non-GMO technologies and manufacturing methods. 
“The key is to extract proteins from self-selected microorganisms, give the protein emulsification functions so that it is possible to produce a protein that can replace casein,” the company’s spokesperson said. 
The CTO of Armored Fresh Technologies imparted that AFT’s innovative approach to sustainable manufacturing practices will be essential to entities operating and leading the food industry, stating the following:
“We, who live in this generation, are close to changes that we have never faced before, and it may lead to inevitable changes in what we will be eating in the future. This technology can be utilized to respond to the changes, and we have been evaluated positively, which has led to $1 million in investments,” the company’s CTO said. 
More information about Armored Fresh Technologies is available on the company’s official website.
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